Introducing Fiona -aren’t we lucky?

Introducing Fiona -aren’t we lucky?

Welcome Fiona Adamson to the people and places team

Fiona has volunteered to work with Sallie and Dianne on the new people and places e-volunteering initiative. So those of you who volunteer from home for one of the programmes we are working with remotely will probably come into contact with her in the coming months.

Fiona first approached us when she was exploring the idea of volunteering her skills to one of the programmes we work with…she was matched to the Community Programme in Cambodia … all was in place for her to travel earlier this year…..and then…..Covid!

With her travel plans on hold, Fiona asked us if there was any way she could support us remotely and particularly was there anything she could do for people and places. With the development of our e-volunteering initiative the timing was perfect – and just look at Fiona’s skills!

Fiona has a wealth of experience in corporate and small business environments, improving performance and creating exceptional customer experiences.

In her current role as Business Development Manager Fiona provides sales and marketing direction and support to Care Home Managers and their teams, in addition she coaches the teams in improving customer service delivery. and suggests ways in which they can improve the service that their residents and enquirers receive. She is also an excellent networker and has events management experience – particularly creating events with stakeholders – organisations and individuals in the local community with the aim of supporting each other’s business goals.

Fiona says

I was planning to work alongside the team at Treak in Cambodia this year but, as with all of us, my travel plans were curtailed. However, supporting the volunteer projects of people and places is even more important than ever so I have chosen to continue to support their work by e-volunteering. Despite the pandemic and restrictions we all face I am extremely grateful for all that I have and by e-volunteering I am able to help others in a meaningful way.

Welcome Fiona – and a huge

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