It ain`t alf hot Mum

It ain`t alf hot Mum

Newsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia

The title says it all! But at least today we made a lot of progress.

Dan the GIG farm manager turned up on his motorbike and on the back was Bakery Jatta the Canadian I spoke about in my last blog, obviously Bakery is not his own name but one given to him by the Gambians, he has lived here for 27 years and knows how to get the Gambians to do jobs his way, and not with subtlety! But they all know and respect him.

So today the hole for the bio gas was deepened by 50cm and made perfectly round so the next job is to plaster it which Dan is going to arrange with one of the guys that works at GIG. Dan and I also spoke about tidying up the kitchen area so that it is more hygienic, so he will get some of the guys to put a layer of cement on the floor and then we will embed broken floor tiles into it to create a mosaic, sort of!

And finally Kelly who is the overall manager in charge of GIG wants a urine diverting composting toilet built, at the moment Kelly is at home in the Netherlands so I can`t speak to her about it and funnily enough I am not an expert! But there are composting toilets here at Sandele just not urine collecting ones so some internet searching is called for, so that`s my homework for tonight.

I have arranged with Dan to meet up on Saturday morning to look at the poultry sheds stored at Kelly’s place (I can hear Sallie cheering from here!) we are going to see if there is any way to improve the design and try to make them termite proof.

Of course today all the local farmers meet at Sifoe to work at the farm and some of them attended a course on tree planting, as usual the ladies looked stunning in their brightly coloured dresses and they all have a great sense of humour so the place is filled with laughter.

I think we can conclude that I had a great day!

Ps. Dan gave me a lift on his bike up to the main road, the last time I rode pillion was about 30 years ago!!

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