Jungle Dad leaves the MLC

Jungle Dad leaves the MLC

The name given to me by Nica a six month intern at the MLC
nica low

we met at Cusco airport where we were picked up by a crees employee for transfer to our hotel for the night, we both realised that we smoked and have been smoking buddies ever since, terrible habit I know but I have had my most interesting conversations with people whilst having a fag!

We left the MLC on Thursday morning on a damp and dreary day which reflected my mood

leaving low

it has been a tough month but I have met some great people and adopted a daughter!




There have been so many people but a mention to  . . .


Jia so full of life and joy “Oh my goodness”

Dustin the laid back Californian with a vast knowledge of animals

Hannah banana who`s face lit up when I said I had Yorkshire tea bags, you can take the lass out of Yorkshire, but you can`t take Yorkshire out of the lass!

Lillie with the sexy French accent

Claire bear She’ll be right mate!

Hollie you always knew when Hollie was about, she wasn`t difficult to hear!

Maren who had to endure my German jokes

Nicola who had to endure my Scottish jokes

Sharron who I worked with on the bio gardens

Rupert who saw an ocelot and wouldn`t let us forget it

Dave my room-mate with a vast knowledge of science and at least I wasn`t the only old git on the project!

Little Ellie who can make a hiccup sound like a mouse!

Andy for his scientific knowledge and passion for the rain forest

Nica I went to Peru a single man and adopted a daughter!

Bobbie with his giraffe legs

The people of Peru so friendly and welcoming


There were so many people I can`t name them all and apologies to anyone who`s name I have spelt incorrectly.

dinner lowpub low

I write this from my hotel in Cusco and I leave to fly home tomorrow (Saturday) I have a camera full of pictures, a head full of images and memories and a sad heart to be leaving, it was challenging, tough, fun and an education.


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