Jungle training Friday 18th

Jungle training Friday 18th

A later start today, set my alarm for 6am but woke up at ten to six to the sound of bird song, the individual lodges are spectacular as the front is completely open to the forest so effectively you are sleeping outside but this means you have to keep your gear stored away and sealed to stop ants and bugs getting in.


I slept like a baby last night but upon waking my back was giving me hell, nothing that a few iboprophen couldn`t sort out though, breakfast at 7am and then we went for a walk through the forest, we found a massive tree that was hollow and Nic looked inside and found some bats roosting, we also found a snake skin inside which was later identified as a bushmaster, gulp!

We also found a nut which the birds can break into, all I can say is they have strong beaks as it took a bit of cutting into with my Leatherman, as I was trying Nic said there is a primate using tools!

On our way back it started to rain which was very refreshing, then we had lunch and after that some talks on animals, after a break we had machete training and it was a competition between the boys to see who could cut the biggest branch.


As it was raining we chilled out a bit today and had a rest, what tomorrow brings we shall see.

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