Look at what we’ve gone and won!

Look at what we’ve gone and won!

In the last year our e-volunteer programme has been recognised as a game changer, not once but three times!

“The World Responsible Tourism Awards 2020 are dedicated to acknowledging those in travel and tourism who have taken remarkable steps to address the multiple challenges brought to our industry by the COVID-19 crisis.”

“We were sincerely impressed by your initiatives” (judging panel goabroad.com)

“When the pandemic struck, peopleandplaces were no longer able to send volunteers to support the projects they have partnered with, providing skills transfer. Following a period of experimentation using Zoom and other platforms, peopleandplaces developed with their established partners an e-volunteering programme providing professional skills transfer, English language support, technical skills in gardening, science experiments and IT training.  The judges were impressed by this innovative response to the pandemic and the plans to expand to other countries.” (the judging panel World RT Awards)

Whilst we are proud to win such awards – the accolades we cherish most come from our volunteers

To learn more about our e-volunteer programme take a look here

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