Look what our project partners have achieved!

Look what our project partners have achieved!

The pandemic has hit our project partners pretty hard – but despite all the challenges there is much to celebrate. Here are just a few examples


Student becomes teacher.

Khadija has just started working as a teacher!”It is an amazing experience and am glad that I have this chance, because being educated was always a dream for me that came true but teaching it was just impossible even in the dream. I grew up seeing the teachers as the most wonderful and amazing people on the world, I was raised to respect them in all situations. So it was very big and to me this is a noble job!”

EfA girls smash the national pass rate

In July the results for the BAC (‘A’ Level equivalent) were in!! Out of 36 girls, 30 passed. That’s an 82% pass rate. Way above the national average of 69%. And the girls achieved this with 50% reduction in lessons!

To learn how our e-volunteer programme works with Education for All take a look here

The Gambia

Groundbreaking training for vulnerable women

At the start of the year The Institute of Travel and Tourism in The Gambia launched the No Woman Left Behind project….32 vulnerable young women were selected to train as cooks and chefs – 30 women have completed the first year and will start their second year in January 2022

To take a look at the launch click on the image below.

The Institute of Travel and Tourism of The Gambia held its open day today Saturday 31st July 2021 . The event was attended by key stakeholder students parents and partners in development. The Hon Minister of Gender women’s and Social Welfare Mrs Fatou Kinteh, Mrs Fatou Mbenger Jallow of YEP, Mrs Naffy Barry President of The Female Chamber of Commerce, Isatou from IOM and Mr Dawda Niang GTHI were among the dignitaries who graced the event. The highlight of the open day was showcase the work of students of the ” No Women Left Behind” project.

We are thrilled to be working with this innovative programme – we have just started -it’s not even listed on our site yet! To learn about how we work with this programme – e-mail dianne@travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk

First national early childhood parenting guide

Lisong Bah, founder and director of Futures Foundation and our project partner is the leading early childhood practitioner in The Gambia. She has been tasked with preparing a national training programme for parents of children from birth to three years. The aim is to run the programme across the country in order to help parents understand the key role they have in supporting their young child’s learning and development.  The manual is now in final editing stage

To learn more about how you could support her Early Childhood Education Programme take a look here

 South Africa

“Nothing’s impossible”

” 324 young adults have graduated from the Good Work Foundation (GWF) Bridging Academy.They started in February 2020, just before the world was plunged into lockdown. Despite the challenges, they have proven themselves to be one of the most successful groups of Bridging Academy students we’ve ever had. And also one of the kindest… caring for each other with so much thought during the hardest (and scariest) times of 2020. And here they are, graduating… showing the world that even though they are receiving their certificates in empty halls without their families. Even though they’re wearing masks, and even though they’re stepping into a very different world, they’re still dressing up, showing up and standing out.” Kate – Good Work Foundation

Virtual tournaments and coding skills

 Developed at Nelson Mandela University by Professor Jean Greyling and one of his students -TANKS, RANGERS and BOATS, all teach young children about the basics of coding, without the need for a computer. The games also raise awareness around social causes such as poaching and ocean conservation.

“There’s a desperate shortage of developers, not just in our country, but in the world. Unfortunately, thousands of learners in the country attend schools where they have no access to computers, so they can never choose software development as a career option,” said Professor Greyling.

In 2020, in spite of all the challenges, GWF has entered all three virtual coding tournaments organised by Professor Greyling and Nelson Mandela University:

– 36 learners (10 – 14 year-olds) registered to take part in the first virtual tournament that took place in May 2020

– 78 students registered to take part in the second (Mandela Day) virtual tournament that took place in July

– 49 students registered to take part in the last (Heritage Day) virtual tournament that took place in September

The GWF team spent the R3000 prize from the first tournament on the RANGER TANKS school kit. This pilot then led GWF to purchase an additional four more school kits to accommodate all five campuses in Mpumalanga.

By the time learners reach the last level of the games, they have been taught coding principals such as ‘for loop’, ‘while loop’, ‘if statement’ and optimisation. All of these are the basic concepts taught to first-year computer science students.

To learn more about how you can support this programme from home take a look here


Second fundraising cyclethon completed!

They did it! 541 Kilometres in 9 days

Thats the equivilent of

Johor Bahru to Ipoh in Malaysia
London to Gretna Green in the UK
Tokyo to Kobe in Japan
New York to Richmond, Virginia in the USA
Sydney to Woolgoolga in New South Wales
…or a round trip from Eindhoven – Utrecht – Groningen – Eindhoven in The Netherlands!

“Once again we must thank all of you for supporting us with donations and pledges, not just for the Treak Trek but for keeping the school afloat over the last 21 months.  Though the situation now seems to be easing, the current Covid wave sweeping through Europe is one example that shows we’re not out of the woods yet. Funds raised in support of our riders’ truly staggering efforts through wind, rain, and tropical heat on the Treak Trek will play a crucial role in helping us through 2022.” Salin-director Treak 

To learn how you can use your skills to support this community project on line take a look here

On-line lessons for children and parents

There are many UK schools who would envy this on-line interactive learning for youngsters

click on the image to see some examples of the fantastic work Dara and team are doing

“These kids are so creative. These photos are made from my students and they used leaves to made it with their parents” School principal Dara Mouen

To learn how you could support Dara and his team take a look here

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