More frustrations!

More frustrations!

Newsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia

Tuesday 9th August

Turned up at GIG farm at about 9.20am and found that sand and gravel had been delivered but that was all, no cement or other materials, Musa told me that Dan the farm manager said the rest of the materials would arrive at 10, yeah and I`m a china man!

Van arrived at 2pm so another day wasted although to cheer me up slightly the van contained a Canadian called Bakery Jatta who is an expert on building bio gas installation’s, firstly he said the hole wasn`t deep enough so it`s out with the shovels again tomorrow! And then he showed me how to make sure the hole was perfectly round and of the correct size and I gleaned a bit more information about how it all works and fits together.
So tomorrow we have materials and some knowledge of what we are doing, he says hopefully!

It`s a bit cooler now as it rained heavily all last night and only stopped at about 9am this morning so everything has been well watered which will cheer up the farmers.

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