A thank you from Kate, our placement director:

“I’ve been called some names in my time, but how about this lot from volunteers’ phone calls and emails in the last few weeks: – ‘charming’; ‘thorough’; ‘understanding’; ‘helpful’ … as well as being accused of having ‘a big shoulder and a listening ear’ …

Kate being "helpful" - Sallie without "a listening ear"

I may need to revisit my character reference …

But seriously – thank you, everyone, for your kind comments and your appreciation of our work here at people and places. I am indeed one of the world’s fortunate people with a job I love and where I spend my time communicating with some truly inspired and inspirational people – I love it!”

In the interest of balance and honesty – Sallie and Nigel would like to remind Kate that our name for her is “pedant”!

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