Naxal accomodation problems an update

Naxal accomodation problems an update

I have just received a report from Linda, who very generously serves as a TravelPledge (our charity) ambassador when she visits countries where we work. She has just returned from Nepal – where one of the tasks she undertook for us was to establish the true situation re the need for Naxal to move. Here is the relevant part of  her report verbatim.

” I believe the issue here is mis-communication. As we are aware they have had notice that the house will be sold, but the timetable and even the sell is not fixed or confirmed.  Ganesh, in his passion for the children and to have his own premises, appears to have panicked foreign helpers – who imagine that the children will be on the street within months if a new premises is not found. This is not the case. The house owner is very amicable and it appears that currently no movement is happening with the house. If and when the house is sold they have options of housing and teaching the orphans – it just may mean that the premises are more scattered – not under one roof.

 Raj and I explained to Ganesh how serious concern has occurred amongst the foreign volunteers regarding the safety and well-being of the orphans if and when the house sells and why this is not constructive but counter – productive. We encouraged future careful and accurate communication.”

As and when we have definite news about the move – I will post it here on the blog again.

I hope this serves to reassure everyone.

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