New partners for the volunteer programme in Saint Lucia

New partners for the volunteer programme in Saint Lucia

We are thrilled to welcome Nova Alexander and her team from Sacred Sports Foundation Saint Lucia to our team of local partners.

Nova introduces herself and the team.

The Alexander Family

My name is Nova Alexander, a Nottinghamshire born & bred lass of Saint Lucian parentage. Along with my two brothers, I relocated to Saint Lucia in 2009 and have a wealth of experience in the travel, hospitality & tourism industry and will be your primary contact during your stay in Saint Lucia.

The idea of working together as a family in business has been an inspiration almost since birth. Our aim is to be the catalyst for change. We are a well recognised charity and one of the few legally registered independent non-profit organisations in the Caribbean dedicated to improving the lives of regional youth through the use of physical education, sport for development, social transformation and life skills. We have garnered support in recent years from the European Union, UNESCO and the Australian Government, alongside a host of local and regional partners.

At a micro level the Foundation will continue to positively change the lives of those we work with, providing opportunities for people from all around the world.

At a macro level, we hope to influence the sporting family and bring about active debate that leads to real change – empowering participants in the most socially life affirming activity there is: SPORT!

The Caribbean has become a forgotten child. Lost amid the images of a tourism paradise are social challenges every bit as daunting as in less illustrious destinations. The island of St. Lucia has one of the highest levels of rural and urban poverty in the Caribbean; youth unemployment among 16-25 year-olds currently stands just over 54% and is considered to be among the highest in the Caribbean.

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering to work with our programmes. It is our responsibility to ensure your safety and comfort is taken care of and that everything goes as smoothly as possible allowing you to focus on your work.

You will find your time in Saint Lucia fulfilling, rewarding and fun as you get to know your ‘extended’ family.

Meet some of the team members from Sacred Sports who will be working with you.




Yinka Boyle – Yinka was trained as a registered nurse and is on the board of St. Johns Ambulance Saint Lucia. She works with the volunteers to ensure their stay is comfortable and safe – managing accommodation and transport.





Maria Hodgkins – Maria is a former Barclays Bank customer service manager and leisure centre manager from the UK. She will works with Yinka in overseeing all day to day administration.





Delroy Alexander – Delroy is Chairman of Sacred Sports Foundation – he  is a seasoned project manager and sports administrator with international experience working as a management consultant in Europe and Africa. He is on the Global Advisory Board of the Academy of International Sport at George Mason University and was recently appointed an International Youth Sports Ambassador by the International Alliance for Youth Sport. He is a trained lecturer and a former Chicago Tribune senior investigative business reporter and Pulitzer Prize nominee journalist. Delroy will be on-call, supporting and assisting as and when he is needed!

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