NEW projects in Cambodia

NEW projects in Cambodia

Work with child prisoners or with local fishing communities in the Siem Reap area.

In Cambodia, children as young as 13 are tried in the adult legal system and many go to adult jails – or they are living with their mothers in prison.

There is a high rate of domestic violence in these families and people have often experienced trauma. There are also many child protection issues such as trafficking and sexual abuse.

This project is supporting the local staff who support and counsel these children.

Virtually any and all abilities and skills will be welcomed by the community support project, placements will be specifically designed to use whatever experience the volunteer brings.
  • education – early childhood development, basic literacy, English and numeracy
  • practical – DIY and construction and electrics, sustainable energies and horticulture, arts and crafts
  • musicians – particularly guitars and drums
  • sports coaches
  • human resources practitioners to help with organisation, employee and community members’ development
  • marketing and promotion
  • health professionals
  • small-business skills

Take a look at the project here

Our education advisor Dianne, will be visiting the projects in May.

You can learn more about Dianne and the important work she is doing for our education programmes here.

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