News from our partners in Peru

News from our partners in Peru

This from our partners at the Manu Learning Centre

Education Outreach Programme

Returning volunteer Nick is helping us with our new ambitious project; to develop an alternative educational programme within Manu Biosphere Reserve. The programme will consist of English lessons and environmental education for kids and adults, the mission of the project being “to strengthen local skills and self esteem of children and adults”.

As part of the ground-work for this programme, this month Georgina, Nick, Harol and Juan Manuel visited local villages in the surrounding area. The aim was to talk with local children and teachers about the approaches and useful tools for effective and engaging English and environmental education lessons. They were also able to distribute gifts of stationary and football balloons from Dumbarton High School, to the delight of the recipients.

The second stop was in Gamitana village where the World Challenge group who volunteered with CREES in August 2010. The bathrooms they built are still in good condition, and with a lick of paint and check of the sceptic system all was well. The kids still fondley remembered the name of their foreign friends from World Challenge, illustrating the important impact their work had on the childrens lives.

The group continued on to Salvación, capital of Manu Province and approximately 10km away from the MLC. As Juan Manuel and Nick were interviewing more students and teachers about the education outreach programme, Georgina and Harol worked on biogardens in the area, finishing one at Liseth Ajalla’s house. They also visited Chaska Wasi (a local orphanage) and Machuhuasi lake, which is looking better and better every time we visit, now the local municipality is making more informed decisions and investing both time and money to conserving the lake and its surroundings.

Finally, we would like to say a warm welcome to new staff member Julian Huarancashi Egeni, who is from Palotoa Teparo (native community near to Manu Park), and has 15 years experience working  at the Cocha Cashu Biological Station inside Manu National Park, and later as a motor driver for local boat companies. He knows a lot about the stories of the native people, medicinal plants and animal behavior, and we look forward to learning from him and to the exciting months to come.

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