news from the Emmanuel project, Port Elizabeth

news from the Emmanuel project, Port Elizabeth

Below is  the latest new from Estolene at  EACC (Emmanuel Advice and Care Centre) – there is, as always, good news and less good news … but just read everything Estolene has to say, and you will get a sense of the extraordinary determination and optimism which keeps this grass roots community project going. And stipends are covered through March 2014 … VERY good news !

volunteer Jane with EACC staff

It’s already a long time ago that I gave you the last update on what’s going on at Emmanuel. There’s still a lot happening here. 

First of all some sad news: On 24th March 2013 Gertie Calvert passed away. She joined EACC in 2010 and worked as Care Giver in Booysen Park until December 2012. She was a very dedicated and trustworthy person. We will miss her. Please see NEWS

But there is also good news!

We once again got funding from the Department of Social Development for the Financial Year 2013 / 2014 (April 2013 – March 2014). We are one of only 7 organizations in Port Elizabeth that are funded this year (last year 9, 2 years ago 11 organizations)!

That’s a big relief for us as we now at least get our stipends until March next year.

Please see NEWS

And more good news: The office roof was leaking and is now repaired. We even got a “sun roof”! Thank you very much for your support, Trez!

Please see NEWS

At 11 and 12 May we had a week end with the OVC at the Landela Christian Camp in the Elands River Valley. The children enjoyed it very much. We did some long walks through the bushes so that the kids could be explored to the nature.

Thanks to 2011’s funds from the Department of Social Development, which only have been approved now, we could re-open the kitchen on 13 May 2013.

The need in the community is huge and the situation by far worse than last year!
The Care-givers are preparing food for up to 380 orphaned and vulnerable children every day! Before we had to close the kitchen, it was “only” for 150 children.
As we run out of money, we had to close the kitchen in the mid of July and we won’t get any further money from the Department of Social Development to run our kitchen. That’s very sad because the only soup kitchen in the area (that was also funded by the Department of Social Development) had to close down at the end of last year because of a leak of funds.

At the end of August we got a donation from a company in Uitenhage that produces parts for the car industry – Johnson Controls. Also Continental Tyres donated us with 10 bags of byriani rice for the kitchen.

This helped us to run the kitchen again for a certain time.

But now it is closed again.

Please see NEWS

We really need a lot of goods to prepare food for so many children who are desperately looking to get at least one warm meal per day.

If you want to help us with a donation, please see Your Donation

On 12th June Veronica could celebrate her 50th anniversary.

In July we got a car! We received a donation from Ubutyebi Trust to buy a car (we had to use the money to buy one).
On one hand that’s good, because the ways are very long here in Port Elizabeth and like this we don’t need to pay minibus taxis and fees for hiring cars to transport goods for us. We also use it to transport clients to the clinic and hospital who are not able to go there on their own.
On the other hand, the car needs a lot of fuel. Although we also got money from Ubutyebi Trust to cover the costs of the car, it is not sufficient.
At the moment we have to ask people from outside to drive it for us. For this, Vuyo is now trying to get a drivers licence. It will be by far easier for us as soon as Vuyo will be able to drive the car. Good luck Vuyo!

From 23rd to 27th September we had students from America. They run a holiday program.

In October, one of our clients – Nancy – passed away. EACC attended the funeral service on 19th October.

On 18th October, the crèche children hat an outing to Wes End swimming pools. They had a wonderful time with the teachers!

The graduation of the crèche children will take place on 29th November. 

At the moment we have a volunteer (Anne) from Canada. She will be here until 5th December. She helps us a lot! 

We are still very busy in visiting our clients and also in doing counselling groups.

Here are some statistics about our work:
At the moment we are visiting in average 125 clients per month.
Every month we conduct 2 support groups for them.
In addition we conduct 2 support groups for the elderly.
At the moment we support 100 elderly.
We also support 97 OVCs.
Every Saturday morning Phumeza is doing some sports or games with them and every Saturday afternoon there’s a Choir rehearsal. 

I herewith want to thank the Care Givers and also the Crèche Teachers for their daily support. They are doing a great job!

Kindly regards
Estolene Esau
EACC Project Manager

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