Newsletter Ed – Nigel – is off to The Gambia

Newsletter Ed – Nigel – is off to The Gambia

Lamin fish farm

I received an email from Kate on Friday with news from the GIG project in The Gambia
“There have been changes, Nigel, which is why I have been somewhat on the quiet side recently. I wanted to ensure that we had adequate explanations and information for you before I wrote. The GiG Farm site has been closed – which was a surprise to everyone, including Bev who was there at the time”     


“I have attached her most recent report for you which was written since the Farm’s enforced closure and relocation.
We understand that Kelly is working hard on identifying appropriate sites and ways forward for GiG and the farm, but at present, it sounds as though the new farm location may be someway up country, either in one location or with its work divided among several locations … unfortunately, this uncertainty has caused us all to re-think your one placement.
But – we’ve done it, and I know that Mariama and the team have found the best ‘new’ project for your placement!
Please see the attached information about your ‘new’ project profile. N.B. although the project profile is named Lamin Fish Farm, you will see that the family farm has developed to involve far more than fish. At the moment, GiG is using the Fish Farm as an alternative for farm excursions. The farm has strong links with Kelly and GiG”   

This just goes to show that you need to be flexible when volunteering! Anything can change at a moments notice and when on the placement you have to think on your feet.
The Lamin fish farm looks interesting they not only breed and market ornamental fish and fish for food but they have expanded into small scale poultry production and they produce tropical rainforest plants and have a flower garden.
The gardens are open to the public and some of their products are supplied to local restaurants, supermarkets and the public so I think there will be plenty for me to be involved in.     

As I know where I will be working I have printed out an information sheet and put it up in the staff room at the school where I work as a caretaker, I have asked for donations of pens, pencils, crayons etc from staff and I am hoping that I can get some old footballs to take (deflated of course!)     

I am flying with Air Maroc and they have a generous baggage allowance of two 23kg bags and as I managed with one bag when I volunteered in South Africa this means I can take a bag full of donations.     

Nigel Pegler     

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