Newsletter Ed – Nigel – is off to The Gambia

Newsletter Ed – Nigel – is off to The Gambia

Nigel is off to volunteer in The Gambia in the summer – here is the second of his blogs – follow his story from preperation to return home
Gambian farmers


Received an email from Kate giving me an idea of what I will be doing in the Gambia, it seems that I will be helping expand the poultry section among other things. I have a background of working in the poultry industry but as I left 11 years ago I am a bit rusty! And of course working for a large commercial company in England is slightly different to working in the Gambia!

I also received some feedback from a volunteer who is currently working with GIG (Gambia is good) and from Kelly at GIG who said “He will be really challenged by ‘people who can’t or won’t do their job properly’ and still having to act patience on it!!” of course I have experience of this from volunteering in South Africa so I will have to remember how to bite my tongue!
Since receiving the email from Kate I have been doing some research online to find out as much as I can about GIG, how it was set up, the charities involved and what the future plans are for the enterprise.
Of course volunteering is not just about the work I will do in the Gambia, it`s also about finding out as much as I can before I go so that I can spend my time profitably. A month is a very short time to achieve anything but it`s all about continuing the work of previous volunteers and handing over to the next people to volunteer.

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