Newsletter Ed – Nigel – is off to The Gambia

Newsletter Ed – Nigel – is off to The Gambia


I received another email from Kate on Sunday with two reports from previous volunteers.

One report was quite relevant to me as the volunteer had helped build chicken sheds and repair a donkey cart, the sort of projects I will probably be involved with.


Kate also said……….

“Both volunteers stayed in the Safari Garden Hotel in Fajara, but this will no longer be available from the beginning of next month. Geri and Maurice, owner-managers, have understandably decided that they need to concentrate their efforts and resources on the Sandele project.”

Which is a shame because I had heard from Sallie that a lot of volunteers from different companies stay there and it would be nice to share experiences, plus the pool looked quite inviting after a hard days work!

I paid a visit to my doctor this morning to get a letter for Kate confirming that I was OK to work in The Gambia, apparently I am not going to pop my clogs anytime soon, which is reassuring!

I just have the anti-malaria tablets and any jabs I need to look forward to.

One thing I picked up from a previous volunteer is that his mobile did not work with the local sim card; perhaps he had not unlocked his phone? I made this mistake when I went to South Africa so I will make sure I take a cheap unlocked phone with me as well as my main mobile.

Nigel Pegler

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