Newsletter – Ed – Nigel is off to The Gambia

Newsletter – Ed – Nigel is off to The Gambia

Yesterday I received a document from Kate entitled “Program for Volunteer” which sets out my activities in The Gambia.I didn`t expect to be helping with the construction of a composting toilet but then I am used to being up to my neck in it!!

And no this is not a picture of a toilet at Sandele!, but one of the lodges.

I will also be helping with a biogas installation, moving the poultry houses to Sifoe and maintenance of the structures and general poultry training for the Kafo members. I am a bit rusty on poultry keeping as I haven`t worked on a poultry farm for 12 years and that was a commercial unit so I think a bit of research is called for. 

Apparently at the weekends I have the opportunity to rest or a site visit, well I don`t do resting when I volunteer but I would like to see some of The Gambia and if I am staying at Sandele I sure there wil be plenty to do there at the weekends. Or maybe I could try a canoe trip down the Gambian river, although I am not sure about Hippos and crocidiles!

 I also need to see if I can buy a cheap new bicycle because I am not going to miss the chance to cycle around The Gambia.

Well only 23 days to go before I am in The Gambia, not that I am counting!

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