Newsletter – Ed – Nigel is off to The Gambia

Newsletter – Ed – Nigel is off to The Gambia

Earlier today I was in the process of writing my final blog before I flew to The Gambia when I received an email from Air Maroc informing me that my return flight from The Gambia had been cancelled, panic!!

So I had to find out my new flight details which meant a return to Heathrow instead of Gatwick, a 6 hour stop-over in Casablanca instead of an hour (anyone have any ideas what to do in Casablanca for 6 hours!) Subsequent re-booking of my coach home arriving in Norwich at midnight, an hour journey home and starting work at 8am!! Oh joy!

They say travel broadens the mind; it also gives you a headache!

But despite all of this I am still excited about my volunteering and of course very nervous, although Kate of people and places said she would be worried if a volunteer wasn`t nervous.

I have collected a large bag full of donations for the schools in the Gambia, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners etc and in conversation with my Mother earlier I have been booked to do two PowerPoint presentations! One to her local youth group and one to her church group, and I haven`t even been to The Gambia yet!

I have also volunteered to do a PowerPoint presentation in The Gambia, which is quite a surprise as Sallie recently described me as “pathologically shy”
Four years ago I would not have dreamt of doing this but when I volunteered in South Africa, Marnie, the local partner, asked me to do a PowerPoint presentation and so it started. Marnie it`s all your fault!

Well only four more sleeps to go!

4 thoughts on “Newsletter – Ed – Nigel is off to The Gambia

  1. Hi Nigel – sorry to hear of your current headache and coming hours in an airport … but I have a really good idea for how you can spend your time in Casablanca airport …
    … you could settle down with your lap top, write a blog, a piece for the next newsletter, start your report … shall I go on?
    Bon voyage!!!

  2. Thanks Kate I knew I could rely on you for suggestions!
    Of course my basic mistake was in letting you know I am taking my netbook to the Gambia, will I never learn!

  3. Bon Voyage Nigel, we look forward to hearing all your news when and as you have internet connection – and as I said to you previously – green with envy Sandele – what a tough spot for a volunteer placement!

  4. We heard from Nigel yesterday – he is stuck at Casablanca airport – Air Morocco cancelled his flight and he wont be flying until tonight! This is the second time we have heard a story like this about Air Maroc – so we would be reluctant to recommend this route to The Gambia to anyone.
    Poor Nigel – what a start to his trip.

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