Frustration – heat and marriage offers for volunteer Nigel

Frustration – heat and marriage offers for volunteer Nigel

Newsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia

Sallie closed an email to me with “PS how you coping with heat? And are you enjoying yourself?”

My response…………

Frustrating day today as we are waiting for materials to work with so we did sweet FA all day! Will be bending Adamas ear tomorrow!!

Heat = Beatty Swollocks!! Knew it would be hot and humid so I am just getting on with it, one bonus is that the sea temp is about 27c and never drops below 23c apparently!

Difficult to get my head around the different languages spoken and it seems difficult for the Gambians to get their head around a man of 52 with no wife or kids and no intention of having any!
Geri reckons they will have found me a wife before I leave, no chance.

Despite the frustrations of today it`s a wonderful country, friendly people, great kids, wonderful hosts in Geri and Maurice and incredible wildlife although hearing about the puff adder seen on the beach the other day has made me wary of where I walk and the beetle walking up my leg at 6.30am yesterday got me out of bed rather sharpish!

At the GIG farmyard today Kaddy the farm secretary went and cut me a fresh mango to eat and even gave me a bucket of water to wash it in, says it all really.

Her Mother who is the vice president said to Musa it is good to see a white man from England come here to help us as it encourages people to help at the farm, so I have to remind myself that despite the frustrations I am doing good just by being here, I worked that out after my stint in South Africa.


PS the travel nurse who advised me about my time in The Gambia would have had a heart attack seeing me eating the mango, straight off the tree, washed in local tap water and then peeled with my pen knife and my hands weren`t that clean either, haven`t died yet though!

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