“nobody needed us and we could make little to no difference”.

“nobody needed us and we could make little to no difference”.

This blog post by Rachel is an important read – for anyone thinking about volunteering and for sending and recieving organisations.

There are still way too many organisations out there who poorly serve volunteers and the communities they seek to serve….Rachel seems to have happened upon one of these – tho I reserve judgement given that this is only one persons experience.

It sounds as if Rachel was ill informed, badly prepared and that there had been no meaningful consultation with the community she seeked to serve.  ( I do hope someone from the organisation Rachel travelled with replies to her blog – )

So until I am persuaded otherwise this is another article for me to add to irresonsibletourism.org and my “baddies” file….

I have asked Rachel who she travelled with – I would urge here to “name and shame” and I would be very keen to hear from any of her co volunteers.

Heres her post http://rachelrtw.wordpress.com/2012/05/09/what-i-learnt-in-nepal-why-a-bad-travel-experience-isnt-the-end

3 thoughts on ““nobody needed us and we could make little to no difference”.

  1. Admire your being so reserved in your judgement, Sallie …

    And it would be VERY interesting to know for sure IF the UK government (and we as UK taxpayers!!!) paid for this trip – as well as which charity organised the trip …

    I wonder if this is one of the DFID / ICS schemes that we blogged about in February ???

  2. Interesting readimg, nice to know my tax pounds are being used responsibly!
    Rachel made an interesting point about volunteers having the courage to leave early, if a volunteer is matched to the right project this should`nt happen but if you hate your placement, feel you are doing no good and long to be at home should you carry on?

    Some volunteer placements can be very challenging and at first you may feel out of your depth but I have never felt that I was no use and certainly never felt homesick, but then I volunteer with people and places!

  3. “It takes a rare kind of honesty to admit even to one’s closest friends that you did not enjoy a trip intended to change your life. Rachel has had the guts to say it and to write about it on her blog. I admire her for it. Few are able to write with such honesty. I am full of admiration.”

    Read Prof Harold Goodwins take on Rachels blog here


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