Norwich to Cusco – an epic journey!

Norwich to Cusco – an epic journey!


well I left Norwich on a coach at 9.20 (gmt) and arrived in Cusco at 3pm Peruvian time, so that was a coach to Heathrow fly Madrid to Lima to Cusco = 36 hours!


The flight from Lima to Cusco was only an hour and I was falling asleep until I looked out of the window! and then I couldn`t tear my eyes away, the views were absolutely amazing! In fact I started to get emotional as I have spent about nine months planning this trip, spent a lot of money on it and spent a day and a half traveling here but when I saw that view it all made sense.

I was met from the airport by someone from crees who also picked up a six month intern and we were taken to a hotel for the night, today Monday we go to the hotel that cress use for the volunteers and interns, so the adventure starts!

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