our first Gambia Experience volunteer is on her way!

our first Gambia Experience volunteer is on her way!

Pat says

“I read about Gambia Experience teaming up with people and places in pat phippsthe Your Experience magazine back in May this year.  I went onto The Gambia Experience website and discovered they were looking for volunteers with small business, administration and accountancy skills all of which I have and was willing to share with others.  Further investigation into people and places and links to the various projects they are involved with made me feel very comfortable about taking the first step and registering my interest.

A quick and very informative response from Kate followed up by a chat on the phone helped me decide to make an application.  The whole process was well planned and very thorough but not onerous and it was only about six weeks from start to finish before I was accepted and had made my travel arrangements.  I now have a draft proposal for my placement with ASSET and lots of reports from previous volunteers who have worked on the same project together with contact information for some of them.”

read the full interview on The Gambia Experience blog

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