Our next volunteer social -you won’t need to leave home!

Our next volunteer social -you won’t need to leave home!

We are planning our next volunteer social in the next few weeks – it will be virtual and you will be able to meet previous volunteers, co-volunteers, our local partners from around the world and, of course, the people and places team – what a great way to pass a few hours this “lockdown” winter.

We need your help to decide when and how we should do it –

We would be really grateful if you would take just a few minutes to answer our short anonymous questionnaire here

Our volunteer socials have proved very popular in the past – an opportunity for volunteers to meet each other, share their experiences and ask questions – an opportunity to meet the people and places team to learn more about how we work and who we work with. Watch a video of a volunteer explaining how useful our volunteer socials are.

The great news is that, because no one needs to leave home – depending on the time of day we hold the “virtual” social, some of our local partners and project managers will be able to join us – so you will be able to learn about their work and how the volunteer programme works for them.

AND volunteers from all over the world can join in!

So please do complete the survey for us as soon as you are able and we shall then be able to announce the date for our first ever “virtual” social.

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