Our non-exec chair the Teddy Bear

Our non-exec chair the Teddy Bear

Those of you who read our last newsletter will know that Kate and I awarded him “the Siver Badger” in our BAFYA ‘s – well the Indian press has gone one better with this!

“Harold Goodwin, the Englishman leading the Responsible Tourism movement worldwide, has a good impression about Malayalis….

Goodwin, a professor of Responsible Tourism at Leeds Metropolitan University, is a person who cannot be easily missed.

He is a stocky teddy-bearish man

Professor Harold Goodwin

with a square ruddy face adorned by a salt and pepper beard and fitted with twinkling blue eyes. ” read the whole article in The New Indian Express

You may also like to read what fellow players in tourism have said about him here.

Our favourite is:

“Harold you are the lynch pin, tackling tough issues like Johnny Wilkinson. Great working with you, wouldn’t want to work against you
or even get tackled by you for that matter!”
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