Paper, stoves and more delays

Paper, stoves and more delays

Newsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia

On Saturday I, Cecil, Adama, Katie and a few other interested people visited a paper recycling plant, a farm project and the GIG farm at Siffoe and then all went to Sandele for a discussion led by Cecil on the relative merits of local stoves and how to improve their design.
It was a very interesting discussion and Cecil is a great orator with vast knowledge of indigenous people.

The paper re-cycling place was of great interest to me, the group that work there collect old newspapers, books and even telephone directories, turn them into pulp and then make new sheets of paper which they bind into books, even making their own covers out of old pieces of fabric.
Today (Sunday) I had breakfast, went for a long walk on the beach and nearly melted in the heat, had lunch and then went to the local village of Kartong with Maurice, Cecil and one of the staff from Sandele to look at his stove which was a very good design.

Kartong is a lovely village between the sea and a river, most of the fishing is done by the Senegalese and some other people but not by many Gambians as they consider fishing beneath them!

Adama told me yesterday that the materials had still not arrived at the GIG farmyard so there is no point going to work tomorrow! So I am going to do some souvenir shopping and then help Geri empty a container of stuff that has been stored at Sandele.

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