Pioneering volunteers to new projects

Pioneering volunteers to new projects

In our previous newsletter, we wrote about several fantastic ‘new’ projects and destinations … and here we are, just a few months later, confirming our first volunteers in the Nepalese mountain village of Sermathang and and the girls’ education project in Asni, in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

The following note from first volunteer, Julie:

I was keen to return to Nepal, when I saw Sermathang I was immediately interested.
Kate sent helpful details together with those of the other projects I was considering.  I sat on it for a few months doing research on the projects finally returning to my first choice. Details of the project are a helpful factor in decisions.
Reasons for choosing People and Places: I know I will be safe, met on arrival and have onward travel confirmed; Sallie has already visited the school; expenses accounted for at start of the project; Kate always keeps in touch and answers to queries during planning (-and likes honest feedback afterwards).
Anticipation: excited and a little apprehensive about being a first volunteer but if past experience is anything to go by this will be short lived.
I hope I can make some small contribution- from last year I learnt its baby steps, when volunteers continue I believe the results will speed up, as the teachers get more confident.
Most important to be flexible: its their country and customs not mine, up to me to adapt
A cheerful smile every day

Sallie visits Sermathang
Berber girls

Kate asks “Is this a ‘trend’, I wonder? Are we scaling new heights in our volunteer opportunities? And yes, the rather weak pun was intended!”

Meanwhile, the grassroots community project in Soweto is currently attracting lots of interest, with several placements confirmed for September.

Fikile volunteer Anne and Tlago

This amazing project is typical of the community-based projects we’re working with – local needs are so great that we’re able to create really well-matched placements in all kinds of fields of volunteer expertise and experience.

Kate says – yep it’s her again “I’m (almost!) tempted to challenge anyone to present me with skills and experience that we can’t use – but that would perhaps be pushing my luck!”

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