Promoting mental health – it’s so important……

Promoting mental health – it’s so important……

Since the pandemic there is a real need to focus on supporting people’s mental health as well as their physical well-being.  Our partners in Cambodia, at Treak Community Centre, are well aware of this.  They have introduced a personal, social and health programme for their students and Dara (the head teacher) is now working with one of our volunteers, Paul, on a programme to promote staff well-being. 

Read what Dara says in a recent Facebook post:

Are you a counsellor, a good listener?  Do you do yoga, meditation or similar practices to manage stress?  If you could use your skills to help build the capacity of local people at Treak or at any of the other programmes we support please email – we would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

To learn more about our volunteer programmes at Treak Community Centre take a look here and here

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