Rain stopped play – for a while

Rain stopped play – for a while

AWA SANNEHNewsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia
Thursday 18th August. 9.34am

We are sitting out of the rain in Pa Kausu compound (he of the two wife’s and fifteen kids) this is where Musa is staying and we stopped here to pick up two bags of cement, Omar my driver has gone off to Brikama to try and find an alternator belt for the car, one broke yesterday and the replacement was only temporary and wasn`t tight enough to charge the battery so we had to bump start the car this morning.
We finished off a few jobs yesterday and the chicken coop arrived at 1.30pm so we unloaded and put it in position, all we need now is for the rain to stop so that we can lay the blocks.
Considering it`s the rainy season this is the only time we had to stop work since I have been here.

Yesterday when I was helping Buba finish off some cementing he said to me “my sister is getting married next week do you want to come? “I said I couldn`t as I was leaving on Sunday.
I was very touched by Buba`s offer and had had a lump in my throat when I thought about it on the way home.

I have sorted out my Gambian wife, one of the GIG ladies said that when I had finished for the day I should go home with her and did I have room in my luggage to take her home, this was all said with a twinkle in her eye so I think she was joking!

The other evening Geri gave a good explanation of the difference between Europeans and Gambians; in Europe our lives revolve around work, if asked how our day has been we will talk about work whereas to a Gambian their family and community are the most important thing in their lives, if asked how was your day work is the last thing they mention.
You have to understand this if you want to work with Gambians and maybe they have their priorities right and we are wrong! It`s all about compromise if you want to work together.

As I walk past the compounds during the day the kids greet me with “tobab” white man, and the other day a little girl said to me “how are you?” so I replied “I`m fine, how are you?” she looked at me with a puzzled expression as she knew the greeting but didn`t understand the response!


So the rain stopped after a few hours and the blocks to put the chicken coops on were laid so tomorrow I will put some sheets of corrugated iron on them to stop pest climbing up into the sheds.

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