Remember – e-volunteer programme – still a 50% reduction!

Remember – e-volunteer programme – still a 50% reduction!

It’s fantastic that our volunteers can travel again but this doesn’t suit everyone. We set up our e-volunteering programme during COVID – supporting our programmes without travelling. This can be done in the Gambia, Cambodia and Morocco.

We can match a range of volunteer skills to local needs for online volunteering, exactly as for volunteering in-country. Watch this short video to hear how Linda used her business and finance skills to support women from No Woman Left Behind, a women’s empowerment programme in the Gambia

We have reduced the people and places fee for e-volunteering from £200 to £100 – not just for you but for anyone you introduce to us.

This discount will be available to all volunteers who confirm their e-volunteer placement with us before the end of July 2023.

We are discounting e-volunteering to make it even more accessible to all – and because this is a way to support the projects we work with without travelling while at the same time providing them with both financial and skills support.

Our e-volunteer programme enables you to work directly with and get to know local project staff and beneficiaries. You will be working either with individuals or small groups – all from your own home. e-volunteer placements last for twelve weeks – with a commitment from you of just a few hours each week.

To learn more about the e-volunteer programme take a look here

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