responsible volunteering … tipping point getting closer ?

responsible volunteering … tipping point getting closer ?

Some weeks ago, I posted about the increase in numbers of volunteers who are discerning and questioning in their approach towards volunteer opportunities …

I’m frequently encouraged by what these potential volunteers say about their searches and researches … and today, my eternal optimism about the tipping point getting closer has been reinforced and rewarded yet again 🙂

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This from Elaine who has just applied to use her business skills and experience in one of the projects we’re working with:

“Thank you for your prompt response to my registration. I have read with interest the  “about” pages and also faqs  which are very helpful and quite  comprehensive. I came to  People and Places after looking at several other companies offering “volunteering” opportunities – it’s a minefield and very difficult to find out how much if anything actually goes towards benefitting local projects or even whether the project is a genuine volunteering opportunity. Although if you like  mucking out orangutans and elephants you are spoilt for choice! “

So here I go again (repetition is definitely better than omission!) … please, everyone thinking about volunteering in projects abroad … DO YOUR RESEARCH … you’ll be pleased you did !

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