Sallie has a rant – prompted by Guardian article

Sallie has a rant – prompted by Guardian article

Most of our volunteers are way to busy to indulge in ( waste time with!) FaceBook so heres a copy of Sallie’s recent rant prompted by a Guardian article

agree with Annie Bennet  dont pay to swim withdolphins – they will let you know if they want to swim with you –

my contribution to 100 things you should not do
1. Volunteer with vulnerable children – unless you have appropriate skills.
2. Visit an orphanage for a couple of hours. EVER! I mean EVER!
3. build a school – unless you also commit to supporting local teaching staff once school is open
4. build an orphanage – there are plenty – support a community initiative supporting economically poor families instead
5. volunteer with any organisation that asks for your credit card details before they ask about your skills
6.go thru a bad volunteer experience and not report it and name and shame – otherwise others will experience same disappointments as you
7.believe that “volunteering” for a couple of hours or days in a culture that  is not your own can achieve anything meaningful
8. believe marketing that tells you you are going to change the world – you may – but the chances are a gazillion-gazillion to one
9. sponsor children – its fraught with dangers – someone somewhere is lying to someone!
10.drop into a project and volunteer – “they should welcome me Im offering my time for free” – how do you know the project is sound – how does the project know you are sound –  without a dialogue?
11 teach without appropriate qualifications – who the feck told you ,you could teach –

there I feel much better now… what are your DO NOT DOs

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