Sallie visits our education volunteer project and plans a new one! – in Morocco

Sallie visits our education volunteer project and plans a new one! – in Morocco

My latest trip to Morocco was a glorious mixture of work and holiday, city and mountains, heat and cool – new and old friends.

The road to work
The road to work

This trip was all about seeing the new houses for Education for All with Latifa  and working with her and Dr. Jaouad Oudrhri of Atlas Sante – a local NGO working to improve wellbeing, particularly for women and children, in the Berber Villages in the High Atlas Mountains.

I haven’t seen Latifa for over 3 years ( Dianne has been the last to visit her) and I was thrilled by the leaps and bounds she has taken with her English – she is so confident now and can express complex ideas in what is her 4th language. When I praised her, she was adamant that it is the people and places volunteers who have helped her .


Sallie,Jane Latifa and Jaouad
Sallie, Jane, Latifa and Jaouad

We went to visit the third girls house that is being built in Asni – just a stone’s throw from the school – when it is finished they will be able to house over 80 girls! I was mightily impressed with the work so far – what a wonderful home for the girls to return to when they are not at school.

The third Education for All girls' house in Asni
the third Education for All girls’ house in Asni

The NGO I mentioned above, Atlas Sante, is keen to work with Education for All and our volunteer programme – their goal is to employ, for a small stipend, some of the girls who have graduated from Lycee and do not want to go to university or the city but rather return to their home. We have identified that these girls – sorry, young women – would be perfect to be the facilitators between the volunteers we recruit and the Berber village communities where they would work (deep in the Atlas mountains).
You may want to take a look at these photos of the valley where the volunteer programme will work.

One essential service that Atlas Sante supports is the dispensary where a nurse visits at least once a week – the first medical care the valley has ever had .

We are also aware that we will need to train and prepare the young women for such a role – and that’s the first volunteer role we will be looking to fill – I can think of a couple of volunteers who would be perfect !

could it be you?
could it be you?

Seriously – if you have strong French and believe you could work with Latifa and Atlas Sante to prepare the first girls for this opportunity, we would love to hear from you. The “new” project will go live on our site in the autumn – but we would love to recruit the first, all-important volunteers very soon!

Latifa told me that she really values the people and places volunteers – and that she has really benefitted from the time she has spent with them – she asked me especially to send love and gratitude to you all.

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