Salvacion – hot springs – chill time

Salvacion – hot springs – chill time

Thursday 31st


We arrived yesterday late in the morning after stopping in the small town of Salvacion for some shopping but the town was shut!

We met up with the rest of the volunteers from Shipetiari nearly all of whom had the sickness bug, I wonder if you can guess what we renamed SHIPetiari!

In the afternoon we had a 25 minute walk to the waterfall into which we all plunged then we walked back to camp and got into the hot springs which was bliss, we stayed in until we were wrinkled as the water is the temperature of a hot bath!

hot s low


The camp consists of a wooden building containing the kitchen/diner and a larger building we sleep in, two to a room plus four tents inside an open area and two hammocks and a tent outside.

camp low 1

camp low2

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