Saturday 26th At the MLC

Saturday 26th At the MLC

mlc low 1

The weather has improved today and it wasn`t too cold at 4.20am this morning, left the MLC at 5.20 to go to the clay lick which is just across the river from the MLC

clay pic low
Macaw’s and Parrots gather here to eat the clay as it helps neutralise the toxins in their diet and gives them essential minerals, it is a good place to do surveys on the numbers of parrots and what effect if any tourists have on the numbers of birds collecting at the clay lick.


At about 9am we went out for a forest walk, the jungle around here is harder going than Shipetiari as there are quite a few climbs and descents,
after a three hour walk I was shattered as I had picked up a stomach bug at Shipetiari, two members of staff who were there picked up the bug and to my knowledge a couple of volunteers also did, maybe it`s the water although it is treated.
So after a snooze and a shower I am feeling a lot better and tomorrow is an easy day so I can rest.

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