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3 thoughts on “Search for projects

  1. Hello,

    For the last six months there has been a growing desire for me to volunteer to work abroad. I have had a building sense and awareness of no longer being able to sit back and do nothing. I have decided that I would like to volunteer and work abroad for up to 6 months next year, with the intention of heading out in February 2015. My initial feeling was to volunteer in Nepal but after some research I have found that there is a real human trafficking problem in Nepal, along with the work permit required. My desire is to help and not contribute to or support the on going problems. I have a desire to help and work with children anywhere that would benefit. Any further information on the projects you run would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards


  2. Hello Sonia,
    Thanks for your interest in people and places and even more important your desire to volunteer responsibley.. Kate will be in touch with you. Best Sallie

  3. hello Sonia – I shall write you an email next so that we can begin to exchange information – lokking forward to working with you !
    Best wishes

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