So I am off to Peru!

So I am off to Peru!



So after talking about it for far too long I have decided to get off my butt and do some more volunteering, as Editor of the newsletter it is about time I hear you say, problem is to volunteer in Peru I need to spend 32 days on the project and spend about 2 days each way travelling and as the project dates start during school term time and being a Site manager of two schools I needed permission to start my annual leave before the summer holidays start, this required the cashing in of a few favours!

Favours cashed in and I have the go ahead so all I needed now was for Kate Stefanko to pass my details to CREES in Peru to see if I can be of any use and surprisingly I can! So in July I should be flying to Peru to help with conservation research projects, community programme, a weekly English class in the local community and working on the biogardens, all I need to do now is learn Spanish and languages are not my forte!

adiĆ³s por ahora

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