thank you, Yvonne and all our other volunteers, for your fantastic support

thank you, Yvonne and all our other volunteers, for your fantastic support

We’re so proud of what is achieved by our volunteers – and if you’ll pardon a bit of ‘blowing our own trumpet’, we’re also proud of the way we work together towards their individual and collective achievements! Diverse Hands Holding The Word Volunteer

We’re obviously doing something right … once volunteers have worked in their very first placement with us, they trust ‘people and places and our local partners to match them with appropriate and rewarding placements again.

Our relationship with each and every volunteer is based on mutual trust and careful matching – and over the years, we’ve been rewarded by literally scores of volunteers returning to ‘people and places’ for another placement, either in the same project or in a different project where their particular skills and experience are needed and welcomed.

Not everyone is able to volunteer repeatedly, of course – yet  many returned volunteers continue to support their projects in one way or another – some with donations, but many more through communicating with future volunteers, sharing their insights and experiences.

This network of volunteers is a very important part of helping us to brief future volunteers … we refer to it as ‘passing the baton’ –

pass the baton  continuity is an all-important part of what we do and how we do it.



So – just to give you one example: volunteer Yvonne has worked with us since the very beginning and

Yvonne working at Gedes School Kenya
Yvonne working at Gede School Kenya


this year we’re making plans for her 8th placement in a total of 5 education development projects !

We say a big THANK YOU to ALL returned volunteers, and look forward to welcoming you again!

Special mention should go to Larry and Eileen Kugler too!  This year  will see their 7th trip to AV Bukani

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