Holiday Hijack – Channel 4 in The Gambia!

Holiday Hijack – Channel 4 in The Gambia!

An interesting programme title: “Holiday Hijack” … but turns out to be an even more interesting programme than title …

watch it here and check out the links too

Whisked out of their usual comfort zone of a 5-star all-inclusive resort, four friends find themselves in a very different environment … PR events manager Louise and her best friend Natalie, with fellow big-spenders 20-year-old graduate Dan and 23-year-old actress Alexandra Hind will REALLY live with the locals …

And they experience many of our familiar people and places in volunteer projects Gambia is Good, ASSET … and more!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Hijack – Channel 4 in The Gambia!

  1. I watched this two days before I left for The Gambia, nice to see the holidaymakers experiencing the real Gambia but I can`t help thinking that on there next holiday it will still be five stars all the way!! but maybe now they understand there impact on a country and it`s people.

    Lets be honest not everyone wants to be a volunteer and there is nothing wrong with five star luxury if you can afford it, but it`s good to let people know what impact there holiday is having.

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