the rains arrive in India – and so does Dianne!

the rains arrive in India – and so does Dianne!

The following news from Dianne at the end of September, returning to Deogarh for her second placement in Chitardai School:

“I arrived in Delhi on Friday in the middle of the worst monsoon rains Delhi has experienced for 30 years – so flooded roads, some knee-deep, long traffic jams and general chaos.  However the water went down surprisingly quickly and I was able to do the city tour I had planned in the afternoon, going to the mosque, the old city and Humayan’s tomb, a World Heritage site which was the model for the Taj Mahal.

“I enjoyed the 6 hour train journey to Ajmer as it’s such a good way to see the surrounding countryside – I really can’t believe the difference now it has rained.

The lake in 2010
The lake September 2011

“Apparently all the standing water and lakes have appeared in the last month with the heavy rain – and where have all the water buffalo come from?!  The Rani says the current crops in the fields will probably rot as there has been too much rain, but the winter crops and next spring and summer’s crops are now guaranteed. There has been enough rain to guarantee water for two years, which is really good to know.

“Apparently it had been raining heavily for at least part of the day for the last fifteen days, which is the first proper rain Rajasthan has had for 5 years and the largest amount for 20 years.  The lake in Deogarh, where boys were playing cricket and cattle were grazing last time, is now full of water, and on the road to school there are crops growing everywhere, cattle and goats grazing on grass instead of reaching for the lowest leaves on the trees, and surprisingly a lake and a waterfall where there was just dried up soil before.”

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