Volunteers’ fundraising

Volunteers’ fundraising

We continue to be amazed and humbled by volunteer fundraising- we`ve just heard of one couple who have already raised £600 by selling tickets for illustrated talks to local groups– at £10 a go – they’d better be good!

Other recent volunteers’ fundraising activities: publishing a second booklet of vignettes; rock and folk gigs; knitting marathons; much catering and many car boot sales … one volunteer even cleans carpets in his spare time to raise money… so where does all this money go?

 Here are just a few of the causes volunteers are raising funds for

Tshume School – to create a playing field-take a look at http://travelpledge.org/projects/sports-field-for-w-b-tshume-school-south-africa/

Early childhood development The gambia-take a look at http://travelpledge.org/projects/futures-training-centre-gambia/

Mapoch Bike project – to train 5 bike mechanics-take at look at http://travelpledge.org/projects/bicycle-maintenance-skills-rural-community-project/

Big credit to all you amazing fundraisers out there and thanks from all the local people you are helping – they really do appreciate it – even if communication is not all we would hope it could be!

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