Treak Cambodia -Our focus now is to provide some home learning for our students

Treak Cambodia -Our focus now is to provide some home learning for our students

Treak Community Centre has been closed since 6th March.
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Here is the most recent update from the Treak team.
Headteacher Dara has set up a Messenger group for the staff.  They have been meeting regularly online and he and the staff have been busy updating children’s records, producing learning materials, researching websites and other suggestions provided by volunteers and supporters for online learning materials, tackling various outstanding administrative jobs, and planning how we can run the school once we are allowed to reopen.   We had always planned to close the school for 2 weeks on Friday the 3rd of April for the Khmer New Year holidays.  We allowed the staff to have their break and Dara has now resumed his Messenger meetings.

We were initially told that the schools would close for 2 weeks but this was quickly extended to Monday the 20th of April, following the Khmer New Year holiday.  We heard late on Saturday 18th that (as expected) schools will remain closed for a further unspecified period and have not reopened today.   Our focus now is to provide some home learning for our students and Dara and Rhonda are working with the staff to see what is possible.  The students can be divided into 3 groups: Nursery/pre-school The regular English and IT classes The oldest students who attend the 5.00 to 6.00 classes (young adults) Of these 3 groups, the oldest students are the easiest as most of them have access to a smart phone or computer; Dara and Sameth have already started preparing for this group and are setting up Zoom accounts for them.

Our thoughts for the middle group include guidance materials for parents on how to help their children study at home, work books to revise what we have been covering in the classes, designing additional activities and lessons, allowing the children to take library books home etc.

We feel that it may not be possible to produce anything meaningful for the nursery children(though we are open to suggestions!)

All our plans will be discussed with the Commune Chief to ensure they meet the required safety and academic standards.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who has helped us over the last 3 weeks by: suggesting online learning resources, designing and planning fundraising events, donating funds,  and simply sending us messages of support.  All of these have been very much appreciated.

  There are 2 ways that you could help us:  
1.       Help for Dara and the education programme remotely
a.      Dara wants to use the time the school is closed for the staff to complete any outstanding jobs.  He also wants to continue with training and staff development.  If anyone has any suggestions or materials that you could share with him remotely then that would be very helpful.
b.      If the school stays closed for an extended length of time he would then like to develop some exercises that the students can do at home.  As most of our students don’t have computers or smart phones, these need to be paper based.
2.      Kate Howard volunteered with us last year; she and her friend Ian Walker have set up a JustGiving page, which enables people to donate online. 
 To learn more about the education volunteer programme at Treak take a look here
If you would like to offer help to Treak please email
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