Treak Community Centre welcomes our volunteers

Treak Community Centre welcomes our volunteers

In their most recent newsletter, Treak Community Centre in Cambodia wrote:

Volunteers are back in town!

What a wonderful feeling to have volunteers back at school for the first time in 2 years.

Brinje and Kristin from Norway are with us for 4 weeks, assisting in the classrooms and the library.  They will also run some science and PSHE sessions with our older students.

Brinje demonstrating how to make paper aeroplanes
Kristen makes tiger masks with kindergarten
Kristen joins the tug of war team
Brinje helping to teach PE

e-volunteering (online volunteering) is here to stay

In addition to our volunteers here on the ground, Dawn, a retired pediatrician, has been working with our staff online since January, covering topics such as child development. 

at the school’s celebrations for Khmer New Year
screenshot of Dawn during an e-volunteer session
teachers at TCC taking part in one of Dawn’s e-volunteer sessions

If you would like to find out about volunteer opportunities with Treak Community Centre take a look here:—community-support-in-Treak%2c-Cambodia-(CW)—education-%26-community-support—Treak%2c-Cambodia-(EV)

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