Tshume playing field – fundraising news

Tshume playing field – fundraising news

Many of the volunteers who have worked at Tshume – and their supportive friends and family – have raised an amazing £3250 for the sports and playing field at Tshume – however the target is £5400 …

We are very concerned at TravelPledge that we have been holding these generous donations for some time, so we have discussed the alternatives with Paul and Tshume and they are working on a plan to do a much reduced facility.

This would be such a pity – so if any of you have any funds you were planning to send for Tshume, please send them as soon as possible and help Tshume create a safe environment for their kids.

This school is situated in the very impoverished township of Kwa-Zakhele in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Project Goals

1. To have an  effective sports field at the school.

2. To develop a more holistic approach to the children’s development and education through various sporting activities

3. To use sport as a platform to address issues such as HIV/AIDS, leadership and healthy life style choices

4. To encourage the parents and community to become more active within the school

5. To ensure that children and the community do not have to travel a long way to access sporting facilities

6. Sports is part of the curriculum in South Africa but the children at Tshume have no access to a sports field

Project Details

The existing sports field is in an extremely poor condition and is unusable. Some of the challenges are:

a) To hire a Grader to level ground in preparation of planting of grass

b) To buy and plant enough grass to cover 3000 sq m

c) Improve Water pressure by acquisition and installation of new pump

d) To upgrade the existing Sprinkler system which is unusable in its present state Grass planting will be done in three stages.

The school teachers, the learners, parents and the community will make sure that the grass gets watered regularly after planting.  Taking responsibility to do the watering of the field will build a feeling of ownership amongst school staff, learners, parents and the community. Calabash Trust has built a relationship with local sports related NGO’s who will be prepared to implement programmes in the school once the school has a use-able sports field.people and places will recruit sports volunteers to assist with the development of sports. Calabash Trust already have experience in improving the sports fields in 3 other schools. After completion and once the grass has grown, this will enable the learners and the community to have their coaching clinics at the school and to plan their time effectively for their sport sessions.

you can donate on line at http://travelpledge.org/projects/sports-field-for-w-b-tshume-school-south-africa/

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