“Ubuntu” – I am because you are – volunteer solidarity!

“Ubuntu” – I am because you are – volunteer solidarity!

Oh, I love our volunteer get togethers – if you haven’t been to one – you must !

… a room full of passionate people talking about profound experiences – the challenges and joys of volunteering – and if you are not sure volunteering is for you – this is the perfect opportunity to come and talk to people who have been and done it and will tell it like it is.

volunteer meeting Chippenham

Kate and I are humbled by just how far some of our volunteers travel to be with us on these occasions – this time I think Tony who traveled from Doncaster to Chippenham to be with us is the winner BUT…..do you know better?

Thankyou everyone for making the effort to come.

Volunteers Bob and Tony with our Education Adviser Dianne (Kate in centre background)


Big thank yous to Bob and Jane and Marvin who did video interviews for us – To take a look at them click  here.


Big thankyous too to Paul from Port Elizabeth, Adama from The Gambia and Quinn and Alex from Peru – they represented all our local partners so well – Kate and I know these are the people you really want to talk to!


One of the things that I find so special about our volunteer get togethers is that so many different people (age, way of life, projects, interests … doesn’t matter) share common ground – we all LOVE IT!



The November road show gives us an opportunity to “grab” many of our local partners because they are in the country for the huge international tourism event – World Travel Market.

This year Paul and I were panel members at the responsible volunteering session – Adama was on a panel discussing how to ensure that local people  benefit (or not)  from your tourism pound – and Michael our local partner in Cambodia was on the panel discussing the responsibility we as travellers have toward vulnerable children.

ALL OF THIS is so very important – hover and click over the preceding paragraph and you will be able to watch the videos.

Thank you everyone for your lovely emails after the event – here are a few excerpts:

It was a real pleasure to be able to catch up with past volunteers and meet the new volunteers planning to come and work with us in South Africa on the schools programme – I love how passionate they are – the buzz in the room was almost African!” Paul our local partner in South Africa

Adama talks with potential volunteer Esme

Just to say thanks so much for a really enjoyable event.  It was great to meet and chat with both Adama and Marvin.  It’s good to be with people and that are enthusiastic and inspirational!  I also had an enjoyable journey home chatting and getting to know Susan . ” Esme, Volunteer




Thank you so much for inviting me.  It was what I needed to get back into it again. ” Jenny, Volunteer

It was so good to get out to Chippenham to be able to meet the volunteers  who you work with.  Its great to be in a room of people who  aren’t worried about themselves but are actively seeking out positive ways to help others.  There were some great chats about responsible volunteering and what that means  – I have definitively learnt more about volunteers and their motivations by being there. ” Quinn our local partner in Peru

And finally a personal thank you to my great pal Jane James and her team from Home from Hospital – particularly Jude – who hosted us at their offices – big big thank yous for your generosity and support!!!


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