Volunteer advice

Volunteer advice

Sallie was recently asked by the press what impact volunteering had on volunteers – who can say it better than the volunteers themselves?

I would say, to anyone thinking about volunteering, that you will have a wonderful experience. You will find yourself in a place of much laughter, happiness, love and care – all mixed in with real poverty, hunger, deprivation. You will feel welcome; your presence will be appreciated out of all proportion to what you may think you are contributing, in a way which is very humbling; you will see and touch lives which will put our own comfortable and sophisticated existence in a very different perspective.
Go with an open mind; expect the unexpected; be prepared to take responsibility for what you do with this opportunity.

Lots of emotions in one day – such nurturing with the nursery children; sadness with the situations that people live in within the community; grief at not having enough food for the children at meal time and wonderment with the children.  I then wonder why I am a little tired at night!  I am all too ready to face the next day– whether the day will pan out like we plan I don’t know and I don’t care as long as I can be of some help in some way. Lynn

Perhaps for these children from such deprived backgrounds it was the realisation by them  that even in Chitardai they had not been forgotten and that strange white people could come into their lives and try to enrich them culturally. Though for me – as ever it was the other way round Nick

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