Volunteer artist creates beauty at Treak Community Centre

Volunteer artist creates beauty at Treak Community Centre

Denise (an artist who creates stunning murals) volunteered at Treak in March – she has certainly left her mark. Working with local staff and children she has created beautiful murals to enhance the surroundings which can also be used to enhance the curriculum. So think outside the box – you don’t have to be a teacher to do valuable work at this school. Read on to see what she says.

‘Spending one glorious month in Cambodia creating murals was one of my best life experiences. The Khmer people are so kind and warm and there is such a sense of community like I have never witnessed before. Everyone at Treak seems to be treated like one big family in caring for one another, which made my time there so rewarding. I worked with the teachers to bring their ideas to life for the center and for the children.

My first mural was of the sacred lotus flower which will enlighten the future kitchen.

Secondly, I painted a “Our Place in the World” mural, depicting a globe with Cambodia in the center. The children were really drawn to this one and interacted with it every day comparing their country to the huge sizes of other countries and the vast oceans.

My third mural was “Animals around the World” mural which the students loved, especially the arctic animals as they are somewhat obsessed with snow as they’ve never seen it in real life. I also painted a few school signs in the Khmer language which enthralled the children as they knew I couldn’t speak it.

All in all, my time in Cambodia was an incredible life changing journey and not one day goes by without me thinking about the time I spent there. I will continue to stay in touch with the Center and help from abroad in any way that I can. Cambodia and Treak Center will forever hold a special place in my heart.’

To find out more about volunteering at Treak Community Centre take a look here or email dianne@travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk

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