Volunteer stories – just home and just setting off

Volunteer stories – just home and just setting off

As always, our volunteers have been working hard, sharing their many and varied skills and experiences with local people.  Here are a few examples:

Diana loves reading with her grandchildren.  She has just completed an e-volunteer placement listening to children read and helping them with their vocabulary.  She says: ‘A highlight was when the students used more expression in their reading and stopped and paused at full stops.’

Zoe is a teacher.  She worked alongside a new untrained teacher to help her with teaching techniques, lesson planning and classroom management.  She says: One of the main successes of my placement was seeing the techniques and changes I suggested being incorporated into lessons by the class teacher.’

Carolyn, Jax and their colleagues from Kindness Adventures wanted a hands-on placement – they raised money to pay local builders and worked with them to help build a children’s playground in Cambodia.

Sallie used her business skills to help the team in the Gambia write a memorandum of understanding for the new women’s incubation centre.

Ruth and Jane are working online with girls from Morocco to help them practice their spoken English.  The house-mothers report that the girls are enjoying the session and are all keen to take part.

As part of her placement Celia used her experience of teaching pre-school children with autism to run a workshop for teachers in Cambodia – a country where autism is only a recently recognised condition and where no training is available on how to help children on the spectrum.

Kate will shortly be heading for the Gambia where she will use her skills as a swimming instructor to teach children to swim and to work with a local PE teacher so he knows how to continue the training after her placement ends.  This is to address the fact that although many Gambia children live near the river or the sea they are taught to be afraid of the water and drowning is a major cause of death, especially among the young.

Suba is a maths teacher committed to women’s empowerment.  She is going to work with some of the women from the No Woman Left Behind programme in the Gambia, helping them develop an understanding of the mathematical principles they need to become successful business women.

Linda is planning a placement in Cambodia which will utilise her financial skills and considerable experience of mentoring to support the manager of Treak Creations as they develop ideas to support the community through the skills of sewing and cooking.

Sanjana is going to Peru to volunteer on a conservation programme in the Amazonian rainforest.

Ellen is going to Cambodia in September.  Among other things they would like her to use her experience of being the teacher in charge of music at her primary school to see how music can be incorporated into the activities they offer the children.

Nicky is heading for the Gambia to continue work done by previous volunteers on business planning, bookkeeping and financial control.

So as you can see we can place volunteers with a great variety of skills and experiences – these are just some examples – and we always look forward to finding out about new volunteers and creating a match with a local project which is beneficial to both volunteer and the local community. 

If you would like a no-commitment chat about how you might use your skills to support a project abroad please send an email to dianne@travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk

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