volunteer teachers needed – a plea from Amar Jyoti, Nepal

volunteer teachers needed – a plea from Amar Jyoti, Nepal

from Amar Jyoti School & Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge:

Volunteer Nicki with Principal Mr Damodar and some of the pupils
Volunteer Nicki with Principal Mr Damodar and some of the pupils

While volunteers have been thinner on the ground this year, the primary school continues to make progress. Sarada and her colleagues report improved confidence and experience, thanks to the volunteers’ sharing teaching methods and English language skills. Individual tin trunks in the classrooms have made the materials and teaching aids generously supported by the volunteers more accessible.


In November 2012 Nicki returned for a month to do a second spell at the school. Nicki is our first volunteer to return and was happy to see definite progress. We have always warned that the individual volunteers are part of a process, not an end in themselves, so each sequential volunteer adds to the work by their predecessors. Sometimes it is hard to see progress as it occurs – unlike watching grassy lawns grow in a warm summer when one is busy with other things! Nicki’s return has been a great validation of the process Amar Jyoti has initiated with People & Places.


Hari, our Project Officer, wishes to appeal to previous volunteers at Amar Jyoti

Hari - Volunteer Programme Co-Ordinator
Hari – Volunteer Programme Co-Ordinator

and to those potential volunteers “out there” to contact Kate to discuss a spell at Amar Jyoti School. As a placement for a teacher on sabbatical or after retirement, Amar Jyoti offers a great challenge in mentoring primary teachers to help them develop their English speaking skills and sharing in the development of appropriate teaching methodologies for rural Nepal.

Coupled with the work in the local school, volunteers’ home base is the comfortable and relaxing Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge. One of the challenges of this programme is to ensure a steady throughput of volunteers to create a continuum of support and partnership for the local teachers. Only thus will the teachers and children derive the fullest benefits of the great work done by individual volunteers.


Where else can you work in a challenging, yet rewarding environment, and return to swim in a pool which reflects the peaks of the Himalaya?

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