Volunteer Travel – a real force for good, BUT…..

Volunteer Travel – a real force for good, BUT…..

There are still far too many volunteer sending organisations exploiting vulnerable communities and well meaning volunteers.

PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO – its an hour long but it is very very important.

people and places was set up 7 years ago to campaign for change – we wanted to show that volunteer travel could be done responsibly –  that it can be a real force for good. It’s been an amazing journey – sometimes we feel as if we are talking to ourselves, or with the few people who already “get ” the ethics of volunteer travel.

There are still way to many instances of wanton damage to vulnerable children, adults and wildlife in the volunteer market.

This year I (Sallie) was asked to sit on a panel discussing volunteer travel at World Travel Market – one of the leading trade shows for the travel industry.

Paul Miedema – our local partner in South Africa– was also on the panel ( what he had to say is the most important )

The panel was chaired by Mark Tanzer the CEO of ABTA and Richard Oliver from The Year Out Group was the third panel member.

The debate got heated – GOOD – now we need ACTION .

I am an optimist – couldn’t do this work if  I wasnt! – I think we may be at a tipping point – I think, just maybe, some of the key players in the travel industry may start to help us expose the exploitation and promote best practice – oh I do hope so – it is time.

If you would like more info about the issues take a look at these two slide shows. I would ask you to post your comments here – you can be a change maker – we need people to ask these questions

people and places – responsible volunteer travel – It’s SIMPLE

Calabash Tours  – Time for Change



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