volunteering in Peru, things to do

volunteering in Peru, things to do


accommodation in Peru


Well today has been busy, apart from problems at work to sort out I have been in contact with Kate who has now introduced me to Alex at crees and I have been goggling flights to Peru, being a pessimist or as I like to call it an optimist with experience, I am endeavoring to get to Cusco a day early and leave a day later in case there are any problems with flights as I had here and Alex has said that they can book accommodation for the extra days so I will book my flights next month.

I emailed Sallie today to ask when I will be invoiced for my volunteer placement as I am trying to balance the books because of the large bill I have to pay for flights; Sallie suggested lots of cabbage soup and pasta over the next few months! And I quite innocently said “at least I don`t have a woman to run” and apparently this is a crass sexist comment and I am barred from being a volunteer which I feel is a bit harsh! Luckily Sallie knows my middle name is sarcastic!

So that`s flights to book, insurance to sort out, book an appointment with the local surgery for anti-malaria and any other vaccinations I need to top up and having a quick scan though the pre-departure pack from crees I also need to buy clothing etc which is suitable for a jungle environment.
So that should keep me amused for a while, besides writing my blog and working for a living! oh and I need to learn Spanish!


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